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Taser StrikeLight Stun Flashlight

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The Taser StrikeLight is a high voltage stun flashlight with a powerful 80 lumen flashlight, rechargeable battery, and wrist strap for easy carrying.

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The TASER Strikelight makes the perfect addition to your glovebox or as a discrete self-protection tool on late-night hikes and neighborhood dog walks. Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, the Strikelight is a useful device for everyday civilian self-defense. The light’s high voltage stun both startles and repels attackers, providing you with added comfort and safety.


Advantages of the TASER® StrikeLight:

  • A personal protection solution and flashlight in one simple device.
  • Powerful, rechargeable stun device.
  • Features visible electrical arc to deter attackers and is designed to cause pain upon contact.
  • Long-life rechargeable battery and wall charger (included).
  • Large flashlight button and touch-stun button are simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Modern and sleek design to fit your style
  • Compact and highly portable; easy to fit in your purse or bag when on the go.



  • Powerful 80 Lumen Flashlight: Helps you find your way, or your keys
  • Stun Gun Capabilities: Keep attackers at bay
  • Loud Stun Arch: Scare away animals and attackers
  • Rechargeable Battery: Up to 5 hours of light, and 100 5-second stun cycles
  • Crenellated Bezel: Sharp strike-face packs a painful punch
  • TASER Trust: Experience why we’re the first choice for Law Enforcement.
  • Download Taser StrikeLight User Manual



  • Body: Anodized aluminum body and battery cover with high-strength polymer front lens holder and switch assemblies
  • Battery: Replaceable rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Charging: Battery is charged inside the unit via wall. Supplied wall charger indicates charging status.
  • Dimensions: 8.2"L x 1.4"H
  • Weight (with battery): 9.5 oz



  • Taser StrikeLight
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall Charger
  • Wrist strap ensuring safe and secure carrying
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