How to Use a Stun Gun


You will receive a Free Stun Gun Defense Guide with every purchase. It includes important tips and facts to help increase your self defense knowledge.

Free Stun Gun Defense Guide with every purchase.


Below are some basics that you need to know to get started:

Familiarize yourself with the stun gun before turning it on. Read any information that came with the unit to recognize its features. Locate the ON/OFF switch, safety switch, disable pin wrist strap, trigger, and any other features. Practice holding it to find a comfortable fit for turning it on and using it. DO NOT TOUCH the metal contact probes. Stun guns work by paralyzing the body with high voltage electricity, interrupting communication between the brain and muscles for a short time.

To test the stun device, keep your body and fingers clear of the contact probes. Turn off the safety switch if there is one and press the trigger, an electric charge will fire across the metal contact probes. As long as you hold the trigger, the stun gun will continue to fire. To cease firing, release the trigger. When testing the unit for the first time, it is best to fire in short 1-2 second intervals. After firing, return the safety switch (if there is a safety) and turn OFF the unit, do not touch the contact probes for 5-10 minutes after firing.

To use the stun gun, hold the contact probes firmly against the attacker. The best target areas to aim for are on the neck and torso, particularly the under arm, upper shoulders, groin, and upper hip (below the rib cage). These areas are nerve centers and the electrical current will affect the whole body when struck here, however the stun gun will work when touched to any body part. Hold it against the attacker for 3-5 seconds, maybe longer if the person is large or is continuing to pursue you, this should repell your attacker giving you enough time to get away. If you touch the attacker, the current will not pass back into your body.

It is extremely important to practice using your Stun Gun device before you carry it with you. When carrying it, keep it in a convenient, easy to access location, or carry it in your hand in situations where you could foresee having to use it to deter an attacker.