TASER® vs Stun Gun

Stun guns are close proximity self defense devices that use high-voltage electricity to stop an attacker by momentarily disabling muscle control. To use, simply pull the trigger and touch the aggressor with the metal prongs.

TASER devices are electroshock weapons that use electrical current to disrupt muscle control, stopping an attacker dead in their tracks. TASER devices can be used both close and far range. Upon firing, TASER devices shoot two metal probe darts a distance of 15 feet to reach an attacker before he reaches you. The TASER can also be used as a direct contact stun gun, allowing for close proximity self defense.


The Pros and Cons of owning and using a Stun Gun or TASER self defense device depending on which features are most important to you, and are most effective for the situation in which you could be using it.

TASER devices can be fired up to 15 feet distance, or can be used as a direct contact stun gun.


  • Far range capability offers a safe 15 foot zone of protection with 50,000 volts of power being delivered through two probes that can penetrate up to 2" of clothing.
  • Simplified aim in models with built-in laser sighting. Just line up the red dot and shoot.
  • TASER devices will shock your attacker for 30 seconds allowing you to drop the device and easily get to safety.
  • TASER devices have a direct contact stun gun back-up capability built into them in case of a misfire, missed target, or if the attacker is too close.
  • Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: When a TASER CEW is used in self defense and the deployed unit is left behind at the scene allowing you to get to safety, you can submit your information along with a copy of a police report of the incident to Taser International, and they will replace your unit at no cost (except shipping).
  • Several models available: TASER Bolt, TASER Pulse, and TASER X26C. See TASER Models Comparison page.



  • Both electrode barbs must hit their target for the TASER device to be effective, typically both do.
  • If you live in MD, MN, or IL, TASER devices require passing a felony background check before shipment. This is also a Pro, since it helps to keep Tasers out of the hands of criminals.
  • Price, ranging from $399 and up, TASER devices are more expensive than stun guns requiring the purchase of replacement firing cartridges and batteries/power magazine replacements over their life.

Stun guns are powerful, close range self defense that are convenient and easy to use.


  • Stun Guns come in all shapes, sizes, and voltage! Voltage varying from 1 Million Volts to 35 Million Volts.
  • For close range self defense, nothing brings an attacker down more quickly and efficiently.
  • If you touch the person while stunning them, the electrical current will not pass back to you.
  • Avoid an attacker by firing a warning shot in the air; the electrical crackling can deter an attack before it happens.
  • More cost effective than TASER devices, stun guns cost less, do not require replacement firing cartridges, most are rechargeable so they are always ready to go, and they do NOT require a felony background check.
  • Wide variety of models available: Handheld, Knuckle Grip, Rechargeable, and Womens.



  • Stun guns do not have far range capabilities, they are meant for close range self defense. To drop an attacker to the ground, you must touch the person with the unit. We also carry Stun Batons which allow for extended reach if you are interested in direct contact stun gun devices with an extended range.

Free Mace pepper spray with purchase of any Taser.