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TASER® Comparison

TASER® Comparison

Civilian-grade TASER® Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) are powerful self defense products, made using the same technology as law enforcement models. TASER devices deliver an incapacitating pulse wave through two trajectory probe darts. The pulse overrides the nervous system's sensory and motor functions, impairing an attacker's muscle control.

ALL models can also be used a Direct Contact Stun Gun.

TASER Models Quick Comparison

TASER C2, X26c, M26c, M18L Quick Comparison Sheet

• 50,000 Volts • 50,000 Volts • 50,000 Volts
• 15 ft. Dart Range • 15 ft. Dart Range • 15 ft. Dart Range
•  Also functions as direct contact Stun Gun • Also functions as direct contact Stun Gun • Also functions as direct contact Stun Gun
• Laser Sight • Laser Sight • Laser Sight
• LED Light • No LED • LED Light
• 30 second energy burst • 5-10 second energy bursts • 5-10 second energy bursts
• Lithium Power Magazine: Good for 50+ firings (included) • AA Battery Operated: Extra Battery Magazine (included) • Digital Power Magazine: Good for 150+ firings (included)
• Trigger Safety Cover • Safety Switch • Safety Switch
• Anti-Felon ID Tags • Anti-Felon ID Tags • Anti-Felon ID Tags
• *Practice Target • Carrying Case • Carrying Case, Soft Holster, & Practice Target
• Live Cartridges: Basic (1) or Gold (2) • 4 Live Cartridges • 6 Live Cartridges
• Feature: Lightweight and only 6" Long • Feature: Power Indicator • Feature: Software Upgradeable
• *Training Cartridge, Manual, and Materials  • Training Manual and Materials • Training Manual and Materials
Free Background Check required BEFORE shipment Free Background Check required BEFORE shipment Free Background Check required BEFORE shipment

* Basic C2 TASER does NOT include training cartridge, tactical holster or practice target.


TASER C2 Deployment

TASER M26c, M18L Deployment

TASER X26c Deployment

Free Mace pepper spray with purchase of any Taser.

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