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Taser Pulse personal self defense products. Taser Bolt personal self defense products. Taser X26C personal self defense products. Stun gun personal self defense products.
Stun baton personal self defense products. Flashlight stun gun personal self defense products. Cell phone stun gun personal self defense products. Women's stun gun personal self defense products.

Our Mission at Stun Gun Defense Products is to provide our customers with powerful self defense devices and the knowledge needed to choose the best defense product for their situation. We supply you with the information and tools needed to make an informed purchase, ensuring that you are receiving the right self defense option for your needs. Each order will receive our bonus Stun Gun Defense Guide containing more information to help you protect yourself. 

We carry a wide variety of non-lethal stun guns and TASER® devices, such as Streetwise, Guard Dog, Stun Master, ZAP, Barbarian, Mini Barbarian, Peacemaker, Attitude Adjustor, Lightning Rod, Police Force, Triple Defender, JOLT, Life Guard, Black Jack, Ladies' Choice, Touchdown, Small Fry, SMACK, Mini SMACK, 3-in-1 Charger, Inferno, Katana, Hornet, Electra, Diablo, Mini Security Guard, Lightning Rod Flashlight, Knight Light, Yellow Jacket iPhone Case, SamStun, Lipstick Stun Gun, Perfume Protector, Sting Ring, Vaporizer, Knuckle Blaster, Knuckle Blaster Extreme, Double Trouble, ZAP Stun Cane, Hike-n-Strike Walking Stick, flashlight stun guns, cell phone stun guns, stun batons, rechargeable stun guns, stun canes, women's stun guns, and the Taser StrikeLight, Taser Pulse, Taser Bolt, Taser X26C, Taser M26C devices and Taser cartridges, Taser batteries, Taser holsters and Taser training tools.

Use our Resources to help you choose your self defense stun gun or TASER device:
How to Use a Stun Gun, Stun Gun & TASER Laws, TASER vs Stun Gun, which is better?, Choosing a TASER model, how do they compare?, TASER Activation Process, Learn more with TASER frequently asked questions, and Use our Free Confidential Felony Background Check for TASER ownership.

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